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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Receive Love

In order to receive, I have to trust.  When I first heard this concept I thought what a strange combination of idea's.  How are love and trust related and can't I receive love even if I struggle to trust.  But then I remembered Brene Brown's Ted Talk on shame and vulnerability.  She made statements that vulnerability is the gateway to freedom, love, creativity.  I then think about believing.  To believe by faith is to believe something that does not yet exist or cannot be seen, which is a risk.  It may or may not be.  Yet we must take the risk to believe by faith in order to receive God's salvation and His Holy Spirit.  All of these things require us to become vulnerable.  To take the risk to believe something puts us in the vulnerable position that it may or may not be true.  To take the risk to tell someone a need puts us in the risk of being hurt by them if they choose to not step into our need.  To take the risk to be vulnerable with another person, puts us in the risk of no longer being accepted by them when they know more about us.
So to choose to not be vulnerable is to choose to hide, or conceal who we really are and keeps our true selves from being accepted.

Think geometry and proofs.  I love proofs and as I have been writing, I  discovered that I am trying to prove that in order to receive love we must trust and to trust is to become vulnerable with another.  We have this at work with God and we have this at work with others.

Sorry about the rambled thoughts above, but this is often how I begin to think and learn.

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