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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

A Deep Significant Purpose

I have been banging around the website called Kahn Academy.  They have a mission to provide a world class education for free, for anyone, from anywhere.  A purpose like that moves me.  I recently heard a speech by Elon Musk, his purpose in Tesla was to promote electric cars by driving the price point lower so that people will drive more electric cars and less gasoline powered cars and this will cause less environmental impact to our world.  His purpose moved me.

I think its possible to have a mission in any business that is moving.  A mission that people can get excited about and want to contribute to.

I want my little mechanical contracting business to learn how to help people grow.  And by grow, I mean grow as a human being, such that their workplace is better, their work is of higher quality, their family life is better, and grow in that they give back to humanity from their greatly developed capacity.  That sounds fun to me.

I also think hidden in the gospel of Jesus Christ, are principles that work in businesses and teams and communities.  They are strategies that come from grace, and we can be ambassadors of grace to those we work with.  Since grace is not conditional, but free, we can give grace freely to those we work with.

Just thoughts from my day.

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